DigiSEq believes that wearables are the future of payments. DigiSEq supports the NFC Wearable Boom.

DigiSEq’s mission is to make today’s innovation part of tomorrow daily use. We believe in the growing market for wearables.

DigiSEq is taking an active role in the current NFC wearable boom, commenting on latest trends and technologies. Our Management Team members are often invited as keynote speakers to a number of financial services and FinTech industry conferences. We also contribute to industry standards working groups and innovations incubators to advocate and promote wearable technology and its advantages.

DigiSEq is proud to be a part of that dialogue. Whether you want us to comment, write, share views or speak, moderate or chair, we are happy to participate. We do believe in the future of payments today, not tomorrow.

Media or event enquiries – please email us on media@digiseq.co.uk or events@digiseq.co.uk