DigiSEq’s latest pioneering solution for provisioning offers ultimate device freedom. It’s simple, innovative, secure and convenient.

Imagine: a payment device as fashionable and unique as a handbag, an accessory or a favourite collection.

DigiSEq responds to consumer’s desire for fashionable, trendy and aesthetically pleasing accessories that are enabled as payment devices.

DigiSEq’s pioneering solution for provisioning offers open loop payments (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) for any fashion designs such as watches, bracelets and other fashion accessories. For all fashion focused enthusiasts to enjoy their trendy accessories that go with their image but allows them to pay on the go.

DigiSEq has teamed up with leading fashion brand to design, manufacturer and deliver market ready solutions.

DigiSEq’s innovative solution enables freedom of design and allows fashion brands to be as imaginative with the design as they want to be. Nearly any material, definitely any shape and pretty limitless systems gives any brand customers flexible wearable product look and feel – a brand differentiation far greater than any currently available.