Festivals & Events

DigiSEq’s latest pioneering solution for provisioning offers ultimate device freedom. It’s simple, innovative, secure and convenient.

Imagine: event access control and a payment on a single device that you can keep.

DigiSEq responds to the Festival and Events visitors’ needs for safety and convenience by providing Access Control, Payment and Ticketing in a single device.

DigiSEq has teamed up with ID&C, a leading RFID device manufacturer to deliver complete market ready solutions.

DigiSEq’s innovative solution enables wristbands to be used for open loop payments (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) as well as secure access control to events.

DigiSEq’s innovation gives Promoters a more flexible solution for their customers. A ‘Keep me on’ contactless wearable product combines a truly flexible look and feel with a secure payment device – a brand differentiation far greater than any currently available.