DigiSEq believes that innovative payment devices can be functional, attractive and wearable.

Digi-Device will enable the provisioning of multiple applications to consumer devices such as wristbands, event tickets, watches and key fobs in a cost effective scalable manner. DigiSEq recognises the need for a new approach to facilitate this, integrating with the systems and processes used by consumer device suppliers today. Consumers are looking for ultimate freedom and convenience and expect to select the device of their choice, and easily enable the services and functionality they then required. No longer will they accept for example that their choice of wearable payment solution is limited to a single solution offered by their own bank.

Using the latest industry standards developed by EMVco and Global Platform, DigiSEq’s secure Trusted Service Management (TSM) platform has been designed from its very conception to offer market leading flexibility. To fulfil the demands of this ever evolving market, it can be rapidly and cost effectively configured to provision new applications, something many legacy systems in the market today are unable to compete with.


Data Preparation Services

DigiSEq can undertake traditional data preparation services, delivering the required application data via global platform messages using the Common Personalisation Standard (CPS). The flexibility and configurability of our systems makes this an attractive choice for a traditional Card bureau or Issuer seeking secure data preparation services.

Device Personalisation

DigiSEq can manage your device portfolio and rapidly provision applications to those devices securely. Utilising Over the Air (OTA) and Over the Internet (OTI) functionality, either directly communication with the consumer device, or communicating via a proxy device using our Digi-Appliance or Digi-Appliance (lite).

Every consumer solution has its own unique requirements, so please reach out to us to discuss how Digi-Device can work for you.