DIGISEQ tech a knock-out for MMA fans

London, UK. 25 July 2023: DIGISEQ, the wearable payments tech pioneer, has partnered with leading UK-based MMA (mixed martial arts) promotion, Caged Steel, bringing fans of the UK’s fastest-growing sport closer to the action via a multi-purpose wearable contactless fob.

Powered by DIGISEQ’s tech, VIPs in attendance at May’s ‘Caged Steel 32’ event at The Dome, Doncaster, were able to access their ticket simply and securely via their Caged Steel branded fob, which can also be used for future events when purchasing tickets online.

In addition to hosting their access ticket, fans can stay up to date with in-app voting, news, offers and promotions, by simply tapping their fob on the rear of their smartphone, whilst the same fob can also be used for contactless payments anytime, anywhere.

Available on iOS and Android for wearables, RCOS™, DIGISEQ’s mobile provisioning platform, enables real-time payment data to be provisioned to the key fob over-the-air – providing customers with multiple services and the freedom to choose how to pay by simply signing up for an account with UK neobank Curve, and adding any Mastercard or VISA card to their Curve wallet.

By linking the wearable fob to Curve’s super-charged cards, users can spend abroad without fees, split payment between cards, and other benefits like cashback rewards.

Iain Case, DIGISEQ Solution Integration Manager, says: “We are delighted to share the exciting possibilities of our wearable tech solutions with fans of Caged Steel. The seamless speed of contactless payment, coupled with sustainable fobs that eliminate the need for plastic cards or tickets, is precisely what banks and non-bank brands require to establish more profound and interactive connections with their customers. DIGISEQ’s pioneering wearable tech is opening up new avenues for millions of people to immerse themselves at their favourite sports events, offering a stylish and aspirational payment technology that remains with them wherever they go.”

“DIGISEQ’s wearable tech has already been adopted by esteemed luxury brands including Philippe Starck, and prestigious events such as the Golden Globes Awards. As Caged Steel joins the ever-growing list of major sporting events effectively employing our solutions to create unforgettable fan experiences, we are witnessing a surge of interest from clubs and venue operators who are keen to enable secure contactless payments and digital ID verification through wearable items.”

Dominic Gibbs, Caged Steel CEO, added: “We are excited to collaborate with DIGISEQ and drive innovation in our industry. Caged Steel and DIGISEQ both value exceptional customer experiences and aim to elevate them to create memorable moments for our fans. With DIGISEQ’s pioneering technology, we believe we can make a meaningful impact in the MMA world, providing our fans with a convenient payment solution, and creating additional engagement activities throughout fight night to enhance their event experiences. We look forward to a successful partnership that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in our field.”

DIGISEQ’s technology is speeding up venue entry times, and creating faster footfall at sales points with quick contactless transactions that eliminate the need for fans to carry cash, with real-time transaction data helping venues to create valuable marketing insights to draw fans closer while also boosting revenues.

DIGISEQ’s mobile personalisation and tokenisation ensures all provisioned payment data is fully protected, with contactless transactions secured in exactly the same way as card or phone NFC payments. By promoting use of wearable tech, brands, banks and issuers can reduce their reliance on producing plastic cards, as DIGISEQ handles the over-the-air personalisation and payment enablement of the wearable item from end to end, saving banks and original equipment manufacturers vast amounts of time and money. Additionally, this also helps to significantly reduce the amount of plastic used for cards, improving environmental and sustainability efforts.

DIGISEQ’s ground-breaking technology is revolutionising wearable payments by allowing consumers to register and activate their own item using their payment card, through DIGISEQ’s Manage MiiTM mobile app, which can be white-labelled with the branding of its clients, essentially making it an invisible payments partner.

About Digiseq

DIGISEQ believes that consumers deserve the freedom to choose to use any object they want to pay or for identification; whether it’s watches, rings or clothing. Our award-winning IoT platform provides an end-to-end service which securely delivers data into everyday wearables, enabling objects – unconnected or connected – to have NFC payment, Access Control, Digital Identity and User Engagement contactless functionality.

DIGISEQ connects an entire ecosystem, serving as a centrepiece between banks, product creators, retailers, chip manufacturers and service providers. Our platform offers businesses a seamless all-in-one solution for entering the wearable technology market, empowering them with our existing infrastructure, partners, hardware, and security systems to create wearable technology. As pioneers and market leaders of passive wearable payment technology, we aim to be the world’s largest issuing network.

At DIGISEQ, we strive to create unprecedented standards of convenience and control – to make the wallet redundant, money contactless and identification simple and secure.