DIGISEQ Partners with Wearable Marketplace Platform, TAP2

DIGISEQ, the wearable payments tech pioneer, has today announced its partnership with TAP2, a UK based marketplace with an aim to provide customers worldwide with access to their carefully chosen range of wearables. 

With a market value of $171.38bn expected by 2032 and a projected growth of more than $150 billion over the next 10 years, the industry is gearing for a significant upturn and partners such as TAP2 are critical to ensure consumers can securely and confidently purchase the wearable of their choice with access to expert advice.   

All of TAP2’s selected DIGISEQ-powered wearables can be used as a payment device or as a digital business card – all thanks to DIGISEQ’s mobile provisioning platform, RCOS™. RCOS™ enables real-time payment data to be provisioned to a wearable item over-the-air, providing customers with multiple services and the freedom to choose how to pay.  By simply downloading DIGISEQ’s Manage MiiTM mobile app on any Android and iOS device, the customer can connect their wearable to their tokenised Mastercard payment card of choice in the comfort of their own home and get spending.  

Alfie Lawley at TAP2, comments: “At TAP2, we’re thrilled to collaborate with DIGISEQ, embracing the pulse of contemporary society where technology harmonises with lifestyle. With DIGISEQ’s secure over-the-air payment data provision, users can easily embrace the latest tech trends – enabling them to simply purchase a wearable of their choice and activate it at their own convenience, using their iPhone or Android mobile devices.  Our current product lineup includes rings, key fobs, and bracelets, and we anticipate an innovative expansion in the New Year, catering to diverse lifestyles and contemporary trends”

Angela Davies, Head of Partnerships at DIGISEQ, added: “We’re really pleased that TAP2 have chosen DIGISEQ as the technology provider for their wearable marketplace launch.  Our mobile personalisation has delivered a truly scalable and consumer-friendly journey, which paves the way for more and more businesses to include payments and consumer engagement into their collections.  Having a dedicated e-commerce marketplace, where consumers can browse and select many of those products, with the expert guidance of the TAP2 team, will support that growth even further. “

DIGISEQ’s use of the same Secure Element tokenisation method used by Apple Pay and many other digital wallets provides reassurance for customers that their provisioned payment data is secure and our app’s ability to freeze, re-activate and delete tokens without impacting the original payment card, ensures maximum customer protection and convenience.