Wearables… an alternative for plastic cards?

Gift cards are widely used across the world for the perfect birthday or Christmas presents and even Christmas bonuses. But when the money has been spent, they can end up in landfill, and in many cases, the full money load is not being spent.

How many gift cards have you had lying around or thrown away with a few pounds still to be used?

Imagine having the novelty of a multi-use gift card, which doesn’t need to be thrown away after use, is a stylish accessory, and can be continuously used as a payment device after use. With the freedom to choose, contactless wearables can fit all styles and budgets, whether it be a key fob, ring, watch, or bracelet, and many, many more objects to choose from.


10 billion gift cards have the potential to add 75 to 100 million pounds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material to landfills. The use of Multi-use wearable devices for gift cards will reduce this by the consumer having the choice to enable it as a payment device after use. DIGISEQ is partnered with some fantastic OEMs that also offer Apple Skin products that are vegan-friendly (and even smell a little like apples! – how cool is that!)

Expired Gift Cards

Every year £300 million is left to expire on plastic, unspent gift cards in the UK alone*. The novelty of having a gift card on a wearable device would make you want to use it more and having the option to upgrade it as a payment device after gift monies spent. The wearable would be a gift in itself!

Digital gift cards and e-vouchers

Many brands are going digital for their gift cards, this will be better for the need for plastic and plastic waste, however, there will be no other use for the voucher once used or expired. DIGISEQ can allow this with a wearable device with it being payment enabled and the ability to add your bank card through a Curve account.

Brands taking a step.

Popular fashion brand Zara has taken a step into the sustainable, wearable technology world and has created ‘A gift for u’ which is a collection of 6 funky keyrings that are essentially contactless gift cards that can be loaded for use in other Inditex-associated stores like Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius and many more.

Promo ready for brand and consumer engagement

With wearable devices, brands can keep customers closer with targeted or broad engagement messages like sending out promotions, early bird access, discounts, offers, and referrals, through the wearable before or after the gift card has been used. Free from GDPR constraints as the consumer is initiating the engagement. All the consumer has to do is tap their wearable to the back of their phone to receive these branded promotions interactions. The brands can get insights into interests, and buying trends for a smoother customer journey and will retain more engagement from their consumers by connecting with them in a much more personal way.

Access Control

Brands can also offer access control for any events they may be holding; this will provide consumers with quick and easy access to the event and with their ticket being on their wearable device, will prevent counterfeit tickets from being replicated (e.g., QR code) as well as payment and upsell promotions throughout using the same wearable device.

Wearable devices could be the future of the gift card market, to reduce plastic waste, and provide engagement solutions for consumers and brands.

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