Access control and wearable devices.

Wearables for access control are much more convenient than traditional access methods like paper tickets and scannable e-tickets. With a quick tap of a wearable device, whether it be a key fob, ring, or bracelet, consumers can have their relevant information needed to access events.


Wearable devices are much more convenient when at an event, football game, or concert to avoid access or payment queues with the simple method of tapping your way through with a wearable device. Having your ticket, and payment device all in one place, can prevent personal belongings getting lost, damaged or stolen.


Music festivals, on average, generate 23,500 tonnes of waste which includes food waste, plastic bottles, abandoned tents, and clothing. This waste can end up in landfill and polluting our oceans and wildlife. Why not make a start to change this with a reusable wearable device that can be used for payments and/or consumer engagement after the event as well as your access device for the event itself?

Future tickets for the event can be added onto the same wearable to prevent new tickets/wearables from being sent out again. These wearables can be branded with whatever design, including logos and branding colours. Loyalty rewards can be used on these wearables for the purchase of their next ticket or as an incentive for free food/drinks or merchandise while at the event.


In the last 13 months, £6.2 million has been lost to ticket fraud at sporting and music events and a 68% increase in fraudulent tickets, resulting in victims losing an average of £410 due to scams. With the target age of the victims being 20 – 29 years old, wearable devices are an ideal solution to prevent fans/consumers from losing their tickets or seat to scams. With the masses of people that attend these events, crime rates are through the roof meaning mobile phones and other personal belongings are being stolen preventing access or loss of sales at events.

When attending any event consumers should feel at ease when accessing and not have to worry about losing their mobile phone or bank cards.

Wearable devices enables consumers:

1.     To purchase tickets on the event organiser’s website.

2.    Receive their branded wearable, pre-loaded securely with ticket, in the post.

3.    Has the option to provision their wearable for payment in less than two minutes, if they wish for a pre-paid or tokenised account.

4.    Can access the event and purchase goods carefree with the use of their new contactless wearable.

5.    Continuously use post-event as a payment and an event engagement device!

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